Nutek has a staff strength of over 550, which consists of Production, Engineering, Corporate Services and Management.

At Nutek, we are guided by the principle of helping our employees develop their potential. All employees are encouraged to upgrade their skills constantly through on-the-job training and professional courses.


Nutek believes in continuous improvement. We are constantly investing in state-of-the-art technology to enhance the productivity of our operations.

Some of our latest investments include the Trumpf laser and bending machines, the Tekna CNC Machining Center, Vertical CNC Center, CNC Machining Center and the CNC Turning Machine. All these equipment have contributed significantly to our in-house automation and operation facilities.

Information Technology

At Nutek, our design engineers use the 3D CAD software ‘Solidworks’ and electrical schematic design software ‘E-plan’, ensuring speed, accuracy and consistency in design drawings.